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Better Rates and Better Coverage? You Bet!

We understand; every dollar counts.  That applies to the price you pay for insurance as well as your "out of pocket costs", if and when you have a claim. 

Every client is different. For some, price is the most important issue. For others, coverage at the time of claim matters most. 

Whether your goal is "Price" or "Coverage" (or somewhere in between), we're here to help!

Call us for an auto quote (or Click "Get A Quote").  We'll look at all the companies we represent to make sure you're getting the best value possible.  Just as'll get insurance professionals that truly care about your needs! 

We'll explain all the options so you know exactly what you have. Our companies can offer a wide range of options, such as:

Don't Forget The Discounts!
You'll enjoy even more savings if you qualify for the extensive list of discounts our companies offer.  They include:

  • Multi-Policy
  • Multi-Car
  • Low-Mileage
  • Occupation
  • Good Student
  • Alarm
  • Education Level

Other companies claim spending 15 minutes could mean saving money. Here's our claim: 15 minutes with Regency Insurance could mean savings, better coverage, and a better understanding of your insurance policy. Finally, get the treatment you deserve!

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