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Regency Insurance Agency Blog: insurance

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"No enemy is worse than bad advice" -Sophocles Would you ask a plumber to rewire the electrical service in your home? How about asking a baker to install a new head gasket in your car? If your answer is "Yes!"; stop reading.  However, if you think the answer to these questions is an obvious "NO! READ MORE >>

Warning: I'm about to share something that will be considered controversial.  My advice may be counter to the opinions of other agents and certainly insurance companies, but it's important that you know the options before you decide on how to proceed with a claim.  READ MORE >>

I've been to my fair share of high school graduation parties this year. I know many parents, grandparents, and loved ones are seeing someone off to college in a few short weeks. This usually means a van, pickup truck, or car full of belongings are going as well. READ MORE >>

 The following article is a reprint from the June 2017 edition of our newsletter: Insurance Insights  Summer is here. So much to look forward to; cookouts, family gatherings,...and vacations! READ MORE >>

Are you, or is your business a member of the Mentor Chamber of Commerce? How about The Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce, or The Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce? Did you know a major insurance company is willing to provide you a discount of 8 to 10% simply by being a member? READ MORE >>

Springtime is here...and with it comes upgrades to your home. Are you planning to remodel a bathroom or kitchen? Maybe an addition or a new pool are in your plans. Could it be something smaller like plumbing repairs or new electrical work? If you're paying a professional to do it, take my advice; ask for proof of insurance. READ MORE >>

My daughter, Angela, has officially left home. She had started a new job out of state a few months ago, and it was time to buy a car. After doing a great deal of research, she found the car she wanted and was ready to drive it off the lot. But, first it was time to buy auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Every classic car enthusiast I know takes a special pride in the vehicles they own. Many have an affinity to particular makes and models. Be it a '66 Mustang, '57 Corvette, or a '62 Bellaire; there's a good chance that it is the favorite car in the garage. These vehicles are more than nostalgic forms of transportation. READ MORE >>

I was recently at a party when the subject of insurance came up (call me paranoid, but I think it had something to do with me).  In this case, it was regarding health insurance. My friends were complaining about how high their deductibles have gotten over the last few years. READ MORE >>

There have been countless times over the years that I’ve discussed tenants’ insurance with a client who is renting an apartment or home.  I’m always amazed when coverage is declined because I’m told, “My stuff’s not worth that much”.  Ouch! READ MORE >>

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