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Homeowners Insurance

We invest so much in our homes.  Not only is it one of our greatest assets; it's also the place we keep the things we treasure most.

Make sure it's properly insured.

Buying Homeowners Insurance is very much like buying a house.  Although all of them have many things in common; they can also be very different. 


Look at these two houses. They both have windows, doors, and a roof. There's a pretty good bet they both have a kitchen, at least one bathroom and even a furnace. Yet it's clear that they are very different from each other. 

Homeowners Insurance is very much the same.  Sure, all homeowners policies have coverage for "Dwelling", "Other Structures", "Personal Property", and so on. But, this is where the similarities end. 

Remember, a homeowners policy is essentially a contract...which can be filled with exclusions, limitations, and exceptions. Each one, very different from the other. 

What type of policy will properly protect your home? Is your basement finished? Do you have older underground utility lines? How about valuable jewelry or collections? Do you want these things insured in the case of loss?

Most people are surprised by what they are missing in their current policy. The trouble is most people don't find out until there is a loss. 

This is where we come in. Give us a call. We'll spend 15 to 20 minutes with you to get the information necessary to determine the insurance options you need; then shop all of our markets to find the best price possible. 


Click on the image of our Home Insurance Questionnaire to get an idea of the kinds of questions we'll be asking. Your answers will help us to provide the most accurate proposal possible, at the most competitive price available. 

Yes, it's possible to save and be better protected!


In the meantime, check out a recent blog of ours that will assist you in the buying process.


Also, learn about a deadly threat that still exists in many homes built before 1990...Federal Pacific Stab-Lok breakers.  

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